“Those who set goals run circles round those who don’t”

Since I believe solely in the stated truth above, I decided to set a goal in this temple-run look alike game; AE kalpana Incas lost City (crazy right? lol). My goal was to get 3,000 coins within the next 5 plays. I was doing an average of 500 coins and I wanted to get more to be able to buy some perks. On first trial, I got about 300 coins. My second trial was quite “encouraging”; I got 140 coins. The next time I tried I got under 100 coins. Now pressure was already building up on me. Remember I had set the 3000 coin goal. I had 2 more chances and I was going to have a go at it.

I just decided not to give up. On my fourth trial, it happened. I got about 3,400 coins in one play. I beat my previous record.

Goal setting cannot be overemphasized. Don’t be afraid to set goals; I know you’re afraid of failing. Don’t be. Failure is only a process and if you keep at it. Success is soon to follow

Set Goals. What’s the worst that could happen?