You are the Fig Tree

​Jesus went up to the fig tree because he was hungry. It wasn’t the time for figs so it was only normal but then Jesus cursed it anyway and it had to obey. 

We don’t know if that fig tree was fruitful in the last season or otherwise. What mattered was that at that point Jesus made a demand on the fruits of the plant and it failed at the test. It suffered a grave consequence. The leaves didn’t just wither, it went down to its roots. A tree dried up to its root is good perhaps for one thing; manure for other plants

What does this teach us? That God can make a demand on our gifting or talents and we must be ready to deliver at all times. 

But most importantly one day Jesus is coming back and it won’t matter if you cast out demons or devils the night before. It won’t matter if you raised people from the dead. What would matter is what he finds you doing when he comes. 

God expects the best from us in and out of season. Whether we feel like it or not because he’s coming like a thief in the night, suddenly! 

If you can read this, I’m not trying to scare you but to prepare you for the big day. Come to him now, His loving arms are wide open…for now


When Last?

​Having read Phillipians 3:18-20, I know there’s a lot of work left to be done. When was the last time I thought deeply about heaven ? When was the last time I read revelation with joy in my heart ?

Many atimes we daydream about the new car, money, hot spouse and the exotic locations etc. Yet we leave out the most important of them all; Heaven (Jesus). I think it’s time to turn a new leaf. I’ve started reading revelation (lol).  And God is speaking. Please join me…