A Maxim

English: Ideología (Ideology):

Ying & Yang

So I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the maxim “Compare yourself to no one”. Permit me to describe 2 varying ideologies that revolve around it.

In the first ideology are Indritites; people who believe a lot about ‘finding’ yourself, discovering yourself and knowing your strengths and weaknesses. They encourage you to be yourself and to do things your way, how and when you want to. The positive aspect cannot be overlooked or over stated because for one it eliminates clones; people who move with the crowd with no bearing. Perhaps a subtle disadvantage it holds, the greatest I think is that some people sell themselves short. They believe they don’t have the mettle to top their league. Worse still is the fact that people around who excel at different fields are not enough to inspire them because “we are not the same” (in their words).

In the second ideology are drivinades those who are of the opinion that they can or should do what their peers are doing. So they push themselves and do all in their power to stay afloat. The upside is that they keep getting inspired to do better at what they do; the story of complacency is but a fable to them. The fall side is as common as its counterpart; Individuals here try all in their means and even above to keep up with the Joneses, portraying all they’re not all in a bid to keep up with ‘friends’. While some crash with not being able to keep up, others keep up the façade till their dying breath.

Whichever ideology you hold dear, finding the balance between both is the KEY to living your dream.

*Indritites and Drivinades were ‘specially’ coined for this piece.