Since God can do any and everything, he could have flown the Israelites over the red sea. It wouldn’t have been too hard for him. Jer 32:27

He could’ve sent an angel to kill goliath or better yet allow thunder to strike him down.

God could’ve made Joseph the prime minister without Joseph having to lift a finger. He could have appeared to pharoah and say “Appoint him prime minister or die”.

Afterall he’s God, who can question Him, His modus operandi? You? Me?

I’ve observed that most of God’s wonders involve us; our attitudes, skills and general abilities.

Moses used the rod in his hands to part the red sea.
David used the stones in his bag to slay Goliath.
Joseph maintained a great attitude and served to the best of his ability.
Elisha also parted the sea with Elijah’s rod.

The wonders God is going to do in your life requires something already in your hands. We all have something of worth. If only we can be willing…

What are in your hands ?