The Mind


Nothing describes the mind like the above image.

The mind is like that rope being pulled by two opposing forces; ying and yang, good and evil, wisdom and foolishness, humility and pride. And every action you take is a step closer to one of these forces. Stagnancy is a myth, nothing ever remains exactly the same. It either depreciates or appreciates sometimes too subtle to note.

The moment you stop learning, you start unlearning. As a matter of fact, while you’re learning, there are some things you unlearn in the process, talk less of when you choose not to learn.

You still have doubts about how the mind works? Check out this profound bible passage Rom 12:2

But be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind.

Renewal is defined as an act of renewing. It is a continuous process; never ending. The reason behind this passage is because of the fact that our minds are never stagnant. By default they it always tends to go left (the wrong way). It always tends to do the stupid and foolish things. So therefore it is important you continuously teach it and when you upgrade it with knowledge, you move towards the right (the right way).

How can you renew your mind you may ask?

They are just below;

  • Study God’s word; the Bible and act accordingly
  • Study helpful materials in your field
  • Learn from people’s experiences

What are you waiting for? Begin now