Anecdote- Flexible

I was in the lobby having serious fun, on my system of course (*geeky*). Good Internet access + unlimited bandwidth= Euphoric bliss.

A nurse coming from one of the wards missed a step. Her slipper made the regular odd sounds that were usually the intro to someone hitting the ground. You should have seen the I-just-saw-a-monster look on two of the nurses closest to her. A split second silence followed. The loud thud I was expecting never came. It happened that she regained balance. And then the comments followed “We would have killed a goat” one of them said apparently jokingly (not funny still).

Why were they scared of her falling so much? She was slightly advanced in age; her bones were fully formed and were strong. Any fall at this stage would’ve possibly meant a broken bone and perhaps a walking aid for the rest of her life. If it was a child in that same circumstance, their reactions and comments would have been quite different. That’s obviously because a child has a larger possibility of healing faster because the bones are more flexible.

An analogy is easily derived when we apply the same view to our thoughts. As we grow older, due to the plethora of events we’re faced with daily, our view of life becomes rigid. Even though there are benefits, its disadvantages are of concern. Our thoughts become lopsided and changes become extremely hard to implement.


Now even though the world is bigger than you a million times over, it rotates continuously; if it didn’t, up to half of the world’s land would be uninhabitable. It stays flexible. Flexibility doesn’t mean infringing on your morals just to conform. It means reinventing yourself as frequently as possible and holding your morals dear at the same time.

Don’t be afraid to question the norm; test some of the boundaries that are around you; don’t ever stop learning. Remaining flexible is the only way you can embrace change. And so that even if you fall, getting up would be much easier. Or better still you can avoid falling in its totality.

Young Hearts

As I perused through the graduation magazine of a prestigious secondary school, It brought back memories of time past, the 90s! (Am I gettin old or what)lol). However, what intrigued me most was how ambitious some of their aspirations were. The painful truth is that a good number of them would not get exactly what they have in mind. Dreams will get dashed, hopes would be broken in bits and pieces, roads will close up. Some tunnels would be very long almost unending. In the end however, what will make them stand out, different from those who fall by the wayside is their tenacity. Like I’ve once heard, its not really about the punches you can wield but the punches you can withstand.
If you have young ones around, tell them its not all rosy out there but that THEY WILL SURELY MAKE IT IF THEY DON’T GIVE UP. You’ll be saving them lots of unnecessary pain and trouble if only you tell them

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