Should Nigerian Private Universities join the strike?

Tomorrow, another prestigious private university would join the growing list of private universities to resume normal lectures fully inspite of the present predicament rocking the country. It is a commendable action to go on with normal academic activities despite the chaos that have refused to calm down. However i am worried. Worried because as positive as their move is to keep up with their academic calendar, It has its negative side; A humongous negative side i must add. It is undoubtedly the lackadaisical attitude or the i-don’t-care-attitude it brings with it. Over the past few days, I read some statements like “This strike is not my business”, – a very hurtful statement having the subliminal message of “My father is rich; the poor can die for all I care”. The horrible attitude to Nigerian problems some leaders exhibit are fast ingrained into the lives of some youths already as a result of actions such as these.
It is a fallacy to believe that everyone is not at least touched by this gross increase in the fuel price.
For instance, it is a known fact that there is NO university that does not utilize electricity (at least even to the barest minimum) and if electricity is turned off as indicated by the total strike they would be running at a loss. Even if somehow they are able to overcome the power issue, one must also consider that there are employees who earn meager salaries. How do they cope?
Now if you are like me and are tired of the shackles placed on us, then you know that we must do it together for we will surely lose divided.
If we fight for each other, whether we’re indirectly or directly affected by the problems the masses face, Nigeria would surely be greater than what it is. I therefore urge the private universities to honor the pains of the Nigerian masses and join in the strike even if partially. Not because they are under any obligation whatsoever but because they care about Nigeria, because they love Nigerians and especially because THEY ARE ALSO NIGERIANS. Share your views. Do you think Nigerian Private Universities should join the strike?