About Planning

The greatest of events that have ever occurred took many years of prior planning and thinking.

Many a times we have made the error of waiting for it to happen before doing something about it, taking medicine after death has occurred. We would wait for the situation to happen before we take necessary steps. Now its impossible to be able to envision all that will come your way, but they’re some of them that would surely occur. Aging is one.

Even though you might have not have hit the 20 year mark, it is not out of place to learn about parenting. Even though you might not understand fully, it will all unfold soon enough.

Even though you might not have made your first million, there is nothing wrong in reading about billionaires (especially if you want to be). I don’t mean reading about their latest acquisition, but what they think of, how they think and what inspires them.

Even though you might be less than 30, there’s nothing wrong about reading about magazines for 80 year olds every once in a while. Reading them would not make you grow older quicker but it would make you ready for what lies ahead of you. And perhaps it would give you tips on how to prevent some issues that the elderly face.

Don’t wait until you get there before you start preparing. Start now…