Showing Love

If God was to look at our shortcomings, faults or errors before blessing us, I doubt if any one of us would still be alive. ( At least I’m of sure of myself). Even in our attempt to do good, we often fall short by a long shot and yet he still blesses us.

Yet while we were yet sinners, He loved you and I so much so that He died. He sent his only Son to die so that we might be able to stand before Him as righteous – the greatest sacrifice made till this day. The gift is what we enjoy now and will continue forever.

If you concentrate on people’s shortcomings before helping them, you would NEVER do anything good to most people. The good we do to people should be unconditional; whether they appreciate it or not, whether they like us or not, whether they repay with evil or not. We have felt this love firsthand, we should not be hesitant in showing others.

A true son acts like his father. Act like your father. Show love

A true son acts like his father. Act like God. Love unconditionally