For a reason I cant fully comprehend, I love my Schneider pen. The ‘affair’ began in secondary school, I used it accidentally and the way the ink flowed and the tip of the pen were simply beautiful. The rest as they say is history.

Because I love my schneider pen, I hardly give it out. I went to church during the week and at the end of the service got into an intriguing conversation with a friend. Someone asked for a pen and I gladly gave mine away (I still dont know why).
On my way back home, I realized I wasn’t with my schneider anymore. He didn’t return it. I just laughed at myself and continued on my way.
The next day, while searching for an important document I saw something. It was a brand new Schneider pen smiling at me. Boy oh BOY!
I gave and got is the summary in one sentence.

Reminiscing I remember having a great attitude; i didnt regret the act. I especially wasnt expecting another. Truth be told, there was no way i could get another within the next 2 days.

I know this may sound lame and may reek of cliche, BUT I’m not bothered because He uses the foolish things to confound the wise. I was been reminded of the need to give my best with the whole of my heart, not expecting anything in return and ofcourse not regretting.
I believe I needed that message and thought to share it with you.

Pretty soon, I’ll be talking about how I gave my Mercedes Benz or FAVORITE aircraft… 😀