The Mirror Story

In the short while I’ve been away 🙂 , a lot has happened. I have witnessed numerous paradigm shifts that have shapened me even further. I’d like to share with you a personal story in the lines to come that has helped me tremendously. I hope it does same to you.

I attended a camp some months ago, an prior to attending, I had had a great haircut and felt really good about it. After a few days, I went to see a friend and on his bed was a mirror. I had not seen myself in many days but I still had that same old image lodged in my mind. When I saw the image in the mirror, I was taken aback. I saw a monster! A scary one!
Ater a few more seconds however, the monster metamorphosized into me: a grossly unkempt me.

You see, I was still expecting the old image of days ago but I was shocked with the image i was ‘given’.

Less than 20 minutes later, I was in front of the barber pleading for a hair cut.

While the barber did his magic, I watched the transformation take place gradually but surely. Cutting off hair excesses, little by little until I was looking great; even greater than the previous hair cut.

It made me realize the importance of a physical mirror for personal grooming.

But beyond a physical mirror, a mental mirror. A mirror where we need to consistently look at to shapen up or be shapened.

Applying a mental mirror to your life for example would be to ask some questions about your actions. Some of which are;

1. Do my actions correlate with who I am ?

2. Would it take me closer to what I want in life ?

3. How could I have done them differently?

You should know that failure and success don’t just occur suddenly. They take a gradual process to manifest.

The absence of a mirror would cause you to live in your past. Get a mirror and take the necessary steps needed to make you better.