How To NOT Fall in Love

no love
“I don’t know how it happened. We were great friends but all of a sudden, I began to develop feelings for her. I never wanted to but it just happened. I couldn’t hold it back, and when I told her, I lost her AND the friendship.”

That is the tale of a guy who lost a great friendship because he allowed his feelings take over. The ‘painful’ part is that he was unconscious about it all.

Truth is, not all friendships are meant to blossom into romance. Its best some relationships remain platonic. And since we’re more of emotional beings, it is tricky to remain friends with the opposite sex for a long time without feelings developing.
This guide will help you remain great friends with the opposite sex without falling in love with  them. After reading and following these principles, you’d never accidentally fall in love. It will have to be deliberate.

The steps to avoid falling in love are;

1.    Know your self: Chances are you have been in love before. You know when these emotions begin to build up. There’s really no need trying to deny it. Self denial solves nothing.
2.    Keep a good distance- Even the greatest of love known requires a constant communication to thrive. Keep a good distance from a potential lover. Stop calling or texting so frequently.

3.    Disperse the feeling-  Love’s strong point lies at focus. If you’re able to ‘share’ it, its strength would be depleted. The temptation of calling and texting the fellow would never end, so call and text other friends. There’s no limit to the number.

4.    Minimize mushy movies/music- Music is a very powerful tool. And as such it is important to have a good mix of music. Listening to love songs would leave you vulnerable. Movies as well have a role to play as well. Romantic movies are great, excessive romantic movies however isn’t the way to go.

5.    Be Ingenuine- Because I dont know you in person, I dont know your soft spots as regards Love. Having known your Step 1, feel free to do things that would add to the effectiveness of this.

6.     Believe- You have to actually believe that you can do it; you have to believe that you can remain friends with a member of the opposite sex without falling in love with the person. If you cannot believe it, there’s no point trying the previous steps.

Don’t get it twisted, Love is the most beautiful thing… but it can hurt you truly.