Random Truth

locked treasure

Nobody who has diamonds would put it on display outside their homes or on the floor carelessly. If you had a stash of money, you’ll most likely hide it somewhere safe or unexpected. If you have something you value, you protect it. You protect it with almost everything in you.

Having known all the above are facts, I wonder why we expect life to act otherwise. I wonder why we expect that we can get the best out of life by making little to no effort.

Life has great treasures and great things in its bosom. Even though it doesn’t consume them, those treasures are heavily guarded with “steel doors” and guards who make Dwayne Johnson look like a midget. Those guards are called Obstacles.

If you want anything great, you must face and defeat these obstacles. Stop thinking life would get careless.

You would not be rich by simply wishing it

You would not see a million dollars on the ground one morning while taking a stroll. Even if you do, it was misplaced. RETURN IT!

It’s important to understand that obstacles are inevitable. Prepare for them; prepare to jump over, dig under, go around or blow them up.

Let me also add that sometimes the greater the obstacle, the greater the treasure. Don’t be discouraged

open treasure-chest