The Mirror story II

Mirror, the best is an old friend- Herbert 1640

After listening and reading several comments about the mirror story, I thought a sequel was important and inevitable. Since we’re waaay past the physical mirror. I’ll like to highlight 4 different kinds of mental mirrors you can adopt in this journey called life.

Mirror 1- Mirrors of friends and family; This means that most of your actions have to be approved by most of your friends and family. Sometimes they’re right, other times wrong but they mostly are confusing and contradicting. Yes on average, they care and love you but sometimes what they want for you is not the best for you.

Mirror 2- Mirror of Self: Using this mirror means that you’re the judge of your actions. Doing things and reviewing them by your ‘inner mind’. It is quite effective in certain areas but you know how deceitful your mind can be even to yourself. Do you remember that job you thought you did so perfectly only to realize when it was criticially analyzed by a third party that you were only deluding yourself? That’s what using a self mirror can cause

Mirror 3-Mirror of God: Using this mirror means that all your actions would be tested against God’s standards. They are quite high and infallible but they’re not impossible to attain.

Mirror 4- Mirror of Others: Here you compare all your actions to that of others. If they outperform you, you feel like you’ve not done enough. If you outperform them, you feel you’ve done something great. The problem is that it doesnt allow you appreciate you because for every time you see someone doing better at what you’re doing, you feel worthless. And the brutal race goes on till eternity. Sometimes it can push you but it can very easily ruin you and your efforts.

So there you have it, Pick a mirror. Only ONE! 🙂