About Music

​It is easy to confuse the music of religion as true worship because music elevates the mind and raises the heart to near rapture. Music can lift our feelings to a sense of ecstasy. Music has a purifying effect on us so that it is possible to fall into a happy and elevated state of mind with only a vague notion about God and imagine we are worshipping God when we’re doing nothing of the sort. We are simply enjoying an ecstatic moment God put in us that sin has not been able to kill

Excerpts from the book, Purpose of Man by AW Tozer

Today’s Pressure

​The pressure to live in unholiness is getting stronger especially sexually. Even though we rarely talk about it, the battle is intense. Everywhere we turn, our eyes and ears keep getting invaded by loads of ungodly things. It’s just crazy.

Here’s how I deal;

  • Little/No secular music. No secular music videos. 
  • Eliminating sensual discussions. 
  • Studying God’s word. I’ve realized the more of God I keep within, the less the ‘funny’ thoughts or actions.

No, I don’t get it all the time. No, the pressure hasn’t disappeared. But God is able to keep me daily

I hope this helps you 


​If you’re not willing to sacrifice everything for another individual, don’t get married

If you’re both not willing to sacrifice everything for others, don’t have kids

Save yourself the pressure you’re not ready for

Sacrifices are the bedrock of any thriving family

Like an Instrument

​​As I picked up my instrument today, the Holy Spirit gave me an understanding of what it is to be an instrument used by God

An instrument has no mind of its own. It does exactly what I want, how I want and when I want it.
If I play a croaky key F and it gives me a beautiful key A, I’d consider the instrument as either out of tune or just outright useless. (Your will and plans no matter how noble are useless if they’re not in line with His)
The instrument cannot make music on its own. It’s simply dead. It always follows my lead irrespective of time and season.
If we are going to make it in this race, we must become instruments in God’s hands, *dead* to sin, our desires and the world.

2 Timothy 2:4