The Marriage Proposal

​And so I met this woman from the Lord beautiful as they come and filled with virtue. No she didn’t steal my heart away, she slowly worked her way and shone through time like the way a diamond would cut through anything. I gave her my heart because she deserved it and even more. And so today she must know that I love her deeply and would remind her regularly. I’d do my best to nurture the fire I see.

But you see no matter how hard I try, I’d fall short, short of the one who loved you so much that He gave his life just for you. Interceding on your behalf even as we speak.

And so I’d learn from Him each and every day to give you my very best. To love you unconditionally and go all the way for you. You’re not yet perfect and neither am I but our constant gaze at Jesus would make sure we get there. 

And when our children are born, I’d be the father they need. And I know that i may fall short. So I’m learning from my Father, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, better than the best father we could ever dream of.

Hold my hand and let’s go on this journey together. Tough as it may be, I will hold on to God and then to you that we may go on to inspire those who would come after.

After Valentine…

Valentine is over but what I feel is as strong as ever

The jokers and players have had their fleeting day of fame and now they fade because they never knew what it was in the first place; a facade

The aftertaste? Sour and a regret to those who fell at their feet.

The real stars know that it is beyond a day; a night, an event, or even a period of time. They know it’s an unending series of arduous task that comes across as punishment to those who don’t understand it.

Not me.
That day was just their attempt to show you how I feel for you each and everyday. Alas they failed because they do not know the length, height or depth of it. They think it’s all red roses and diamonds, soft blues and star littered skies. They do not know the tears and pain. They do not know the endless streams of sacrifice. They do not know the heartache. They have no clue. In today, out tomorrow.

Not me.                                                                                                                                                                  I know the sacrifices I’ve made and will make for you is as sweet as the honeycomb. As brave as a lion and yet soft as a lamb

And so I would continue on this path; the path that most don’t understand even though the most noble

Let me stand at your door and wait for you for as long as it takes.

Indeed what I have for you is everlasting, if only you can come close, then you’d know that what I am is Love.

Showing Love

If God was to look at our shortcomings, faults or errors before blessing us, I doubt if any one of us would still be alive. ( At least I’m of sure of myself). Even in our attempt to do good, we often fall short by a long shot and yet he still blesses us.

Yet while we were yet sinners, He loved you and I so much so that He died. He sent his only Son to die so that we might be able to stand before Him as righteous – the greatest sacrifice made till this day. The gift is what we enjoy now and will continue forever.

If you concentrate on people’s shortcomings before helping them, you would NEVER do anything good to most people. The good we do to people should be unconditional; whether they appreciate it or not, whether they like us or not, whether they repay with evil or not. We have felt this love firsthand, we should not be hesitant in showing others.

A true son acts like his father. Act like your father. Show love

A true son acts like his father. Act like God. Love unconditionally

Being Involved

“If you think you’re ready to get involved, you should be ready to get hurt and most importantly, you should be ready to forgive”

At first glance, you would assume the quote borders on relationships. You would be right at the assumption. A deeper look would unravel however that it cuts across, even beyond relationships.

But first, let us expand on relationships. One of the quintessence of the greatest relationship ever known to man is that of Christ and us. He chose to get involved with us and as a result got hurt. Most importantly, He forgave us and still forgives our shortcomings day in day out. His is a case of perfection. The only wrong he ever committed was choosing to get involved in our lives.

For any relationship to thrive, both parties must be willing to withstand their shortcomings and forgive as many times as needed.

Beyond relationships, the phrase also suggests pessimism at first glance. But it means quite the opposite in actuality. Your knowledge of the imperfect human nature would give you the ability to come to terms with others’ shortcomings. You’re expecting the best but know there will be hurts in the process.

However, the mindset of being ready to be hurt and forgive does not give you the right to suffer untold pain and sorrow or to be walked upon.

Another aspect this quote covers is LIFE. In life, being ready to get hurt and your ability to forgive yourself, the people involved or the circumstances responsible is important. Because every life would experience hurt and so it is important to forgive and move on.

“If you think you’re ready to get involved, you should be ready to get hurt and most importantly, you should be ready to forgive”

How To NOT Fall in Love

no love
“I don’t know how it happened. We were great friends but all of a sudden, I began to develop feelings for her. I never wanted to but it just happened. I couldn’t hold it back, and when I told her, I lost her AND the friendship.”

That is the tale of a guy who lost a great friendship because he allowed his feelings take over. The ‘painful’ part is that he was unconscious about it all.

Truth is, not all friendships are meant to blossom into romance. Its best some relationships remain platonic. And since we’re more of emotional beings, it is tricky to remain friends with the opposite sex for a long time without feelings developing.
This guide will help you remain great friends with the opposite sex without falling in love with  them. After reading and following these principles, you’d never accidentally fall in love. It will have to be deliberate.

The steps to avoid falling in love are;

1.    Know your self: Chances are you have been in love before. You know when these emotions begin to build up. There’s really no need trying to deny it. Self denial solves nothing.
2.    Keep a good distance- Even the greatest of love known requires a constant communication to thrive. Keep a good distance from a potential lover. Stop calling or texting so frequently.

3.    Disperse the feeling-  Love’s strong point lies at focus. If you’re able to ‘share’ it, its strength would be depleted. The temptation of calling and texting the fellow would never end, so call and text other friends. There’s no limit to the number.

4.    Minimize mushy movies/music- Music is a very powerful tool. And as such it is important to have a good mix of music. Listening to love songs would leave you vulnerable. Movies as well have a role to play as well. Romantic movies are great, excessive romantic movies however isn’t the way to go.

5.    Be Ingenuine- Because I dont know you in person, I dont know your soft spots as regards Love. Having known your Step 1, feel free to do things that would add to the effectiveness of this.

6.     Believe- You have to actually believe that you can do it; you have to believe that you can remain friends with a member of the opposite sex without falling in love with the person. If you cannot believe it, there’s no point trying the previous steps.

Don’t get it twisted, Love is the most beautiful thing… but it can hurt you truly.

A Great Man

He talks with so much eloquence,so much swagger, calm but authoritative. His versatility continues to thump my imagination. He is military personified, an efficient manager, illustrious, caring, loving, innovative, an abyss of ideas, just to name a negligible number of his numerous great qualities. Trust me he really exists and is not a figment of my imagination. His look,his walk,his smile,his laugh in one word- Breathtaking.
Now you probably think this guy is like 7 feet tall and has the body of arnold and the voice of denzel and also will smith’s look alike and all that. On the contrary, he’s kinda close on some of the qualities!!! (Lol)
Lemme rescue you from the dilemma of trying to figure out who he is. Think no more he’s my DAD!.
“This guy is just too proud,lucky or is an outright liar and is just blabbing”, you may say. I mean come on, “no dad can be this good!!! they all have ‘pasts’ don’t they?”. My dad is not without sin, he’s made some mistakes but I still love him anyways and privileged to have him as my father.

But enough about me already! How is it with you and your dad? Do you love him? Does he know? Do you appreciate him?.
“But he doesn’t deserve it!” In as much as I know they may have been at the helm of inflicting irreparable damage to our lives. I also know that in every man lies great qualities, great possibilities, innovative talents and ideas, it only takes the right people to bring those things out (in this case you and I). Pray for them consistently, and show them love.
The eulogies given at one’s demise is well overrated, for one, it does no good to the individual in question. He can’t hear you or appreciate you for it at that time. I have a better option- Do it now.
Because behind the manly facade they put up lies a heart just like yours. A heart that feels pain just like you do, Hurts just like you do, Worries perhaps even much more than you can imagine. A heart that wants to be loved, and appreciated.
Let him feel loved and don’t stop until you see a change.
Its not about what you say but what you SHOW!!